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Galleri gamla staden 

Kulturnatten 2021-10-08 mellan kl 18-22

Utställningen vara till den 7/11


Maj Britt och Kristian Pedersen


Kristian Pedersen

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kristian pedersen

Utställning den 8/10-07/11 2021

Konstnär - skulptör och bildkonst

I am educated primary school teacher with line subjects geography and art. I worked as a teacher for 8 years, after which I became independent. I have had various companies over the years. However, I have always liked to draw and paint and made small sculptures in the scant time left over. In my younger years, I deliberately chose not to be a full-time artist as I prioritized family life with wife and children.

The joy of art and the desire to create has always been latent, and now, in a relatively late age, I have the freedom, time and means to resume my great interest. Some years ago my wife and I visited the city of Carrara in Tuscany.

The city is a headquarter for the wrestling of the famous white carrara marble, which both Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci used for their sculptures. The mountains (the Apunine Alps) are practically made of marble and people have carved this beautiful limestone here for over 2000 years in a lot of quarries spread around these mountains. I was captivated, fascinated and had an unquestionable desire to work in this stone. At the request and support of my wife, I signed up for a sculptor course at a sculptor, educated by the Carrara Academy. It was a turning point for me. I fell in love with the marble. I worked as a madman, from morning to night, under the teacher’s knowledgeable guidance for the 14 days the course lasted. My first sculpture became a portrait bust of my wife. It was made in 5 days without the use of power tools. Only hammer and chisel. My teacher was very satisfied and I sensed that I might have a gift that I could develop.

Since then I have picked up a lot of marble from Italy and made some smaller sculptures. But only in the last few years have I had the opportunity to cultivate art. I have addressed the painting again and am currently fascinated by the detail of the unclear whole. The detail we zoom in on when we consider everyday kaleidoscopic reality.

Maj-Britt Pedersen

Utställning den 8/10-07/11 2021

Konstnär- pappers skulptör

As a full-time mother and grandmother, there has been a limited amount of time to cultivate my interests in the joy of aesthetic home furnishings, flower decorations in sand-dried flowers, and most recently, paper creations in the form of e.g. adventurous shoes and dresses. I’m self-taught. I have always been fascinated by trends in fashion, furniture design, decorative lighting etc. and only late in my age have I had time, space and opportunity to throw myself over decorations in primarily handmade paper. It is especially dresses and shoes that in different designs have a different and very romantic life when they are carried out in imaginative paper versions. The dresses can also be arranged as lamps.

majbritt 2

Dregen Kommer att ställa ut på Galleri gamla staden 2021-11-27 tom 2021-12-19

Då visas hans nya målningar

Dregens nya skulptur "Tones Of Rust" 

Höjden är ca 25 cm och skuggan är ca 32 cm .

Skulpturen signerat av Dregen och nummrerad 1/30-30/30

Priset är 3600kr

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Den anonyme kunstnerkommer att ställa ut på galleriet  2021-11-27 tom 2021-12-19Då visas hans målningar och skulpturer i brons

Skulptur som ligger i vallgraven på Helsingörs slott

Two coffee cups

Skulptur i brons och tegelsten

Tegelstenen kommer från Helsingörs slott

Pris 15000 kr 

The hanging shirt


Pris 35 000 kr 

The waterbottle

Brons och tegelsten

Tegelstenen kommer från Helsingörs slott

Pris 7500 kr